By Industry

Custom boxes are crucial for product presentation and brand identity across industries. In food and beverage, they include eco-friendly options for fresh produce. In cosmetics, designs range from chic luxury skincare to vibrant packaging for makeup collections. In fashion, boxes match brand aesthetics, offering bold designs. The pharmaceutical industry uses secure, informational custom boxes for medication, ensuring safety and compliance. Overall, custom boxes enhance product appeal, provide protection, and establish a distinctive brand image.


2PC Rigid Setup Box with Foam Insert

2PC Rigid Setup Box with Laminated Die Cut Insert

2PC Rigid Setup Box with Hot Stamp

2PC Rigid Setup Box with Die Cut Internal Components

2PC Rigid Setup Box with Flocked Foam Insert

3 PC Rigid Setup Box with Satin Wrapped Insert & Foil Printed Sleeve


Gable Top Snap Lock Bottom

Straight Tuck Carton with Book Flap

Die Cut Locking Sleeve

Friction End Carton with Handle

Gable Top Auto Bottom Box

3PC Rigid Box with Sleeve

Friction End Box with Insert


2PC Simplex Carton

2PC Rigid Box

2PC Rigid Box


Tuck Top Auto Bottom

Gable Top Auto Bottom with Die Cut Window

Tuck Top Auto Bottom box

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom with Open End Glued Sleeve

2PC Rigid Box

Gable Top Snap Lock Botton Box


Friction End Box with Overlocking Front

Straight Tuck Carton with Hanging Tab

Friction End Overlocking Front Box

Tuck Top Auto Bottom with Window

Reverse Tuck Carton

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Box


2PC Rigid Box with Glued Sleeve

Open Top Tuck Bottom Carton

Straight Tuck Carton with Dispenser

Friction End Overlocking Carton

Die Cut Glued Sleeve with Tuck Back

Tuck Top Auto Bottom & Friction End Overlocking Carton