Custom Packaging

Litho Laminated & Corrugated Pieces

Our litho laminated pieces usually consist of taking a sheet of paper that has been printed and mounting it onto a corrugated substrate. The result is a robust package with superior graphics. We film laminate the paper prior to the mounting process to keep the folded areas from cracking. The film also creates an attractive dull or shiny, protective coating

For higher volume applications, we literally produce the corrugated sheets with a chipboard, printed liner piece. The film lamination is not needed and the projects that require special gluing are easily accommodated.

Our corrugated pieces range in syles from folding cartons, point of purchase displays and specialty insert pieces. Plain brown, white or printed applications are all common. Due to the cushioning qualities of corrugated substrates, special guidelines are required to create the best graphic results.

Other than the Regular Slotted Carton (RSC); the tuck top and automatic fold up bottom carton is the most commonly required style. The automatic bottom will fold up quickly, avoid extra work for the assembler and will not allow the product to fall through.

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